Effort is the key in any sport: 
you find that you have peace of mind and can enjoy yourself more... when you know that it was a 100% effort that you gave - win or lose" - Gordie Howe

By focusing on positive player relationships and team building along with competitive gameplay, EPIC hockey aims to help strong and smart young hockey players become strong and smart young people. 

Join us in helping Minor Hockey in Canada stay relevant and strong. Join us in helping our young athletes stay positive and continue to elevate to the new global hockey arena!

Welcome to Epic Hockey

EPIC Hockey Programs offer unique and energetic Hockey Camps for Canada's young players to develop their skills and talents in a fun and competitive environment. 
In today's Minor Hockey world there seems to be two distinctive schools of thought when it comes to competition and pure enjoyment of the game. At EPIC Hockey we feel that we can unite the two without compromising either viewpoint. Through positive attitudes towards skill building and re-affirmation of effort and performance, a much stronger building block of success is created.